Get quick survey responses from targeted African consumers

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Our Massive network of respondents across Africa makes it easy for us to reach & get quick and unbiased responses for any type of survey. We have a growing panel of over 346,000 vetted persons ready to participate in any type of research.


We understand you need reliable data you can trust, The size of our panel and the depth and detail with which we know our panelists means you only get responses from your targeted group of respondents & receive quality data you can trust.


With the quality and high response rate of our panel, we can reach your target audience faster than anyone else. typically, you get your survey responses in hours rather than several days or sometimes weeks.


Businesses with products/services built for the global audience always turn to us for help when they want to conduct research in Africa.

We can reach out to and get quick responses from thousands of Africans for your opinion polls, brand awareness, concept testing, product testing, market research, user research etc.


Academic researchers conducting studies in or about Africa turn to us when they want to deeply understand how people in Africa feel, think, and behave.

We can reach out to and get quick responses from  thousands of vetted Africans for your behavioral research.

Easy to use

  • Simply click on the Get Started button
  • Fill in your name (or company name) and email address.
  • Paste the link to your survey in the provided field.
  • Choose your target audience by picking a segment, such as country, age range, gender, or education level.
  • Choose the number of responses you need, submit the form and you’re good to go.
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AfriSurvey is super amazing. Quick responses, great customer service, well priced. Thanks
Janet Isaac
AfriSurvey is my one stop shop for African survey responses. Easy to use. Definitely recommended.
Bronson Lukas
The data I required was collected quickly and expertly. It was perfect for my research. Thank you
Ilyas Zamar

Full Research Service

We can assist in fully conducting your research on the African audiences. Our research team will do your questionnaire design, data collection, data analysis, and report creation.