AfriSurvey Respondents

When businesses, academic researchers, government agencies and other organizations have a burning question to ask the African people, they turn to AfriSurvey to find survey respondents who can answer an online questionnaire fast.

Why we are different

With a growing database of over 346,000 vetted respondents from across Africa, we provide a quick and affordable way to get survey tasks for various types of research and marketing projects such as opinion polls, brand awareness, concept testing, product testing, market research, behavioral research, user research, etc.

We guarantee the quality of our panel so you can be sure you’re getting the quality responses you ordered.

Nigeria 128K+

Male = 67%, Female = 33%, with 80% under the age of 45

Kenya 43K+

Male = 72%, Female = 28%, with 91% under the age of 40

South Africa 40K+

Male = 54%, Female = 46%, with 75 under the age of 40